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Massage Oils and Lotions – How to Choose?

Massage Oils and Lotions How to Choose

The two main forms of lubrication for massage include lotion as well as oil. Both have their advantages and drawbacks. Usually, when selecting any massage product, there are plenty of things to note. Are you comfortable using it? Does their price fit your budget? How well it will work? and much more. To help you decide easily between oil and lotions, read our buying guide. 

Massage Oils

These oils are a crucial part of any massage for men and women because they are an excellent relaxation method to enhance mental or physical well-being. They absorb quickly plus deeply nourish skin, which helps treat numerous skin conditions, depending on the body oil used. 

  • Jojoba and avocado oils are ideal for men or women with very dry skin. 
  • Coconut or Jasmine is best for those who desire to enhance their hair looks.
  • Almond is great for individuals who desire to add a luxury touch to their daily routine.  
  • Organic or vegan is a good choice for people with sensitive skin. 
  • Essential oils help in skin tightening plus let you look more youthful. 
  • Vanilla oil relaxes and stimulates the senses. It hydrates as well as smooths out skin optimally. 

One essential consideration when choosing the right oil for couples is the kind of massage you are offering. 


  • Shield as well as nourish the skin.
  • Face and body massage oils decrease stress, muscle tension, and inflammation and improve blood circulation. They are also ideal for pains like headaches, lower back, etc. 
  • Are now available in a broad range of therapeutic scents, which offer users a relaxing spa-like experience. 
  • Have a high gliding level, which makes them ideal for full-body as well as sports massage. 


  • Few oils can cause stains on clothes plus towels.
  • Go rancid speedily.
  • Leave a sticky feel.
  • It can be tough to control the amount used. 

Massage Lotions

These lotions are a blend of chemical as well as organic products. They can be loaded with important minerals and vitamins – Vitamin E, aloe vera, keratin, shea butter, and Vitamin D. 

These ingredients help repair damaged skin, replace lost skin hydration, and heal skin conditions. They are a good option for therapists since they have simple cleaning plus glide without being too smooth.  


  • Since lotions are mainly water, they absorb fast. 
  • Doesn’t even leave any sticky or greasy residue. 
  • Offer a medium glide. This property makes them good for deep-tissue massage as well as high-friction treatments. 
  • Due to the addition of stabilizers or preservatives, lotions don’t smell foul.  


  • If used in excess, they can dry skin.
  • Can result in irritation to sensitive skin.
  • Lotions mainly include synthetic chemicals. 
  • Usually feels cold when used. That is why many massage therapists keep lotion warmers handy. 

How to Pick Massage Lotions and Oils?

Pricing the best massage products comes down to your personal preference. Diverse oils may be alluring to you but might be not to your friends, family, or partner. Although numerous variables go into selecting the best massage or lotion, the most common ones include:


Whenever possible, choose products containing organic ingredients. They lack chemical preservatives, petroleum, parabens, or mineral oil. 


Purchasing products in bulk saves money. However, just ensure you use them before their expiration. 


Always choose low-allergen products while avoiding nut-based massage oils.

Tester Product

Numerous top suppliers offer a sample to consumers. It helps them try it before buying. It is beneficial if you are not sure about a new item. 

Rate Per Treatment

How much you spend per treatment also plays a crucial role.


  • Measure how much product you use in a standard treatment.
  • How much do you spend on size and product?
  • Divide the product size by its use. It will calculate the total number of treatments. 
  • Finally, divide the product price by total number of treatments. 


Diverse kinds of face and body massages need diverse amounts of glide on the skin surface. Oils are more moisturizing. They are typically much more commonly used than lotions. The right product relies on the amount of glide required and your preferences/needs. It’s always a good idea to ask a skilled massage therapist for their advice.