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Different Types of Massage. Choose Your Style.

Different Types of Massage. Choose Your Style

There are many types of massages available today. Each type accomplishes a different outcome. The ideal choice for you will rely on the relief you want and your personal preference. An experienced therapist will use robust or gentle pressure on joints or muscles. It is ideal for stress as well as pain relief. The method differs depending on the style used. 


The aromatherapy style blends gentle pressure with essential oils derived from plants to enhance mental and physical health. It is perfect for people who desire to minimize signs of depression, improve mood, plus get relief from pain. 

During this, you will receive a massage of your entire body blended with oil inhalation via a diffuser. A skilled therapist will dilute an essential oil before using it on the skin. 

Deep Tissue 

This form involves targeting deep muscle layers plus nearby tissues. It is ideal for individuals with chronic muscle issues. A single deep-tissue massage session will offer relief from stress, chronic muscle aches, and muscle tension. 

Researchers found positive effects on males with ankylosing spondylitis. Another study shows that it even helps people with ankle injuries.  


Swedish is the most famous style worldwide that uses light pressure across major muscle groups. It enhances relaxation plus blood circulation while reducing muscle tension. The main motto of this style is to offer back pain relief. One study showed its effects on individuals suffering from generalized anxiety disorder. But they are not getting any medical treatment. 


It includes pressure point therapy, joint mobilization, compression, and friction to focus on suitable muscle groups. This massage therapy is not only for athletes. 

This style is beneficial for individuals who want to recover from sports injuries speedily, decrease muscle aches, and fix imbalances. A skilled sports massage therapist can make a unique plan customized according to particular goals plus needs of athletes. 


This ancient form blends stretching, energy, as well as acupressure. It provides energy while keeping the thinking potential fresh. 

The roots of this form are based in India and are perfect for treatments involving balance issues, migraine pain, plus back pain. You can experience Thai massage benefits at diverse spa locations or their home. 


This style is quick and uses light to medium pressure. It mainly targets the back, shoulders, plus neck (upper body parts). Chair massage provides full upper body relaxation, which helps to think without any stress. 

During this, an experienced therapist will ask you to wear full clothes and sit in a special chair with your chest pushing into the chair’s back. It typically takes 10 to 30 minutes to complete. It’s ideal for those who are desk-bound most of the day time as well as want to get relief from neck, shoulder, or back pain. 

Trigger Point

Trigger point massage therapy includes rubbing as well as pressing trigger points to offer relief from tension. A trained therapist treats trigger points via acupressure. 

He/she uses pressure to acupoints. It improves blood circulation, stimulates the nerve center, and ensures proper energy flow throughout your body. 


It is ideal for couples, friends, plus relatives because the session is done in one room. We can say this form offers all regular massage session perks along with a chance to enjoy relaxation with your partner. Sometimes, the therapist offers treatments like facials, body scrubs, and pedicures as a part of a package. 


Shiatsu is a Japanese massage that lasts for around 60 – 90 minutes. This form is ideal for stress relief because it minimizes depression and anxiety. A skilled therapist uses palms, thumbs, and hands to massage a few body points in rhythm. 

We can say that Shiatsu massage uses gentle care to improve brain dopamine receptors. It shows positive effects in those suffering from headaches, insomnia, nervous system, and digestion.


Since ancient times, massages have been used in different settings and cultures. Same as any self-care routine, they provide the best outcome when performed regularly. Like all holistic medical practices, massages are a great solution for numerous body illnesses. Therapists use diverse methods depending on requirements. We can say, a massage therapy gives numerous advantages for mental and physical health.