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Sculpting Your Dream Body: Customizing Workout Routines for Different Goals

Since the fitness journey of every person is different, what suits one person may not be suitable for you. Therefore, create a workout plan that you enjoy and follow consistently. Remember, the best exercise plan is personalized. But for different fitness goals, how you can create custom workout routines? Read our post further. 

How to Customize Workout Routines for Different Goals at Home or Gym?

Check out the best ways to create custom fitness routines for sculpting your body:

Test Your Potential

When starting a customized exercise plan at home or gym, consider your existing potential. Ask these questions to yourself:

  • What’s your body composition?
  • What is your existing fitness level?
  • What are movement abilities?
  • How much money you can spend on food for a good physique?
  • What equipment is accessible?

Define Exercise Goals

Now, define keep-fit goals. Firstly, ask yourself why you want to work out and why it’s crucial. Example, know whether you want a slim waist, add muscles, or enhance overall fitness. Now, design a “SMART” goal. 

  • S (Specific)
  • M (Measurable)
  • A (Achievable)
  • R (Relevant) 
  • T (Time-based)

For example, I want to shed 3 pounds of extra fat from my body in 2 months. Newbies should begin with smaller goals focused on consistency. Example, perform movement half an hour 3 days/week for 1 month. 

Design Workout that Fits Schedule

Decide how many days per week you can commit to training to get a perfect physique. As per ACSM, newbies should begin with 2 – 3 days per week. These tips will formulate a plan that fits your schedule the best way:

Find What is Your Goal

Knowing your goal will help you select the right exercises, duration, and frequency.

Create Schedule

Create a schedule that you can commit to over several weeks consistently. After setting time slots, mark them on the calendar fast.

Know How Body Feels

Always listen to the body. If you feel exhausted, adjust your workout intensity. Similarly, push yourself harder if you notice improvement in endurance level. 

Be Real

Be realistic. Begin with tiny steps and create workouts slowly as your fitness level increases. Example, schedule several 10 – 15 min micro activities and create longer workouts. 

Consistently Follow Fitness Program

Follow the exercise program consistently. It will create positive effects on life with time.

Choose Best Workout

Numerous people usually begin with a full body workout when they start lifting weights to accomplish a slim waist. These include two exercises each that target chest, shoulders, hamstrings, buttocks, core, arms, glutes, and quads.

Selecting the best exercise at home will rely on your particular fitness goal and the days you can train. Standard programs include one of these splits:

Total Body

These programs focus on training main muscle groups in similar exercises from the lower and upper body. These could be buttocks, legs, etc. 

Single Muscle Group

These programs split workouts into dedicated days for particular muscle groups (like chest and leg days).

Upper or Lower

These training programs split fitness exercises into upper-body and lower-body days. 

Track and Compute Fitness Goals

Set benchmark goals at the end of the month/week. It will help track and measure your workout program’s success fast. Body composition measures for tracking include:

  • Body fat %
  • BMI
  • Body weight
  • Waist circumference


Achieving fitness and health goals is difficult. If you want a good outcome, challenge yourself and change your behavior. But it can be possible with a customized workout plan.