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From Couch Potato to Fitness Pro: Building Beginner-Friendly Workout Routines

Building Beginner-Friendly Workout Routines, beginner workouts

There are numerous advantages to beginning an exercise routine. It supports an immune system, boosts blood pressure, and enhances metabolic rate. But before you begin a new workout program, identify your personal fitness goals and take into account your baseline. They are all part of the preparation process required to do behavioral change successfully. 

As per the CDC, exercising can even minimize the risk of Alzheimer’s disease, dementia, and heart disease. It also offers a positive psychological impact. As an advanced or beginner, an at-home fitness program will help you achieve your motto.

Beginner-Friendly Workout Routines

The best beginner workout routines help you learn the basic exercises and move towards more advanced patterns afterward easily. 

Beginner Workout for Burning Calories

This keep-fit schedule elevates your heart rate and helps with loss of body fat. It will also improve your cardiovascular health. 

Plate thrusters15  3
Treadmill run or steep incline brisk walking without using hands  10-minute 
Plate thrusters15  3
Crunches  103
Mountain Climbers20  3
Renegade rows Box jumps10 on each side 103 3  

Beginner Exercise for Females

This female-friendly bulk training program puts focus on the bottom as well as the legs. It helps women to achieve a more toned, lean, and strong body. 

Seated leg press10  3
Bodyweight lunges103
Leg raises103
Seated shoulder press103
Plank30 seconds3
Seated shoulder press103
Close grip lat pulldown103
Kneeling or full press ups103

Beginner Workout for Males

This bodybuilding exercise plan is ideal for skinny males looking to achieve lean mass and muscle strength. This puts additional focus on the core as well as the arms. 

Seated chest press104  
Wide grip lat pulldown104  
Dumbbell bicep curls104  
Close grip tricep press ups104  
Cable twists and rotations104  
Seated rows Reverse crunches10 104 4  
Seated leg press104  
Dumbbell seated shoulder press  10    4

Beginner Workout for Mass Gain or Strength 

This strength training program applies more energy for less reps. It is ideal for skinny people. For a couple of weeks, use weights at home that you can easily manage. After that, you can increase the load slowly for mass gain. 

Goblet squat64
Bench press64
Barbell push press64
Dumbbell single arm row64
Rotating plank30 seconds4
Cable overhead tricep extensions84
Shoulder lateral raise64
Assisted pull-ups or simple pull-ups64
Barbell bicep curls84

Beginner Full Body Workout

This total body workout schedule is for mass gain. It uses bodyweight exercises such as squats, plank, jumping jacks, and push-ups. It just requires 10 minutes and you can even change the movements. These at-home exercises will set you up for more challenging variations and help in bodybuilding. 

Equipment needed: No

Bodyweight squats10  
Plank taps  16
Jumping jacks20  
Rest45 seconds  
Finish circuits as many as you can10 minutes

Beginner Crossfit Workout for Bodybuilding

DT is one of the easiest beginner CrossFit exercises that just requires 3 minutes, 56 seconds to complete. It focuses on a series of intense movements. This keep-fit session is perfect for skinny individuals because it helps them gain muscles and power. To avoid injuries, do not pair this at-home CrossFit exercise with advanced lifting. 

Hang Power Cleans9  
Push Jerks6

Rounds: 5

Weight: 52.5 kg for women, 70 kg for men


Getting started with one of the beginner workout routines? Below are some pointers to note:

  • Begin slowly. Set realistic fitness goals.
  • Understand your limits. Use only that equipment that you can easily manage.
  • Be in line with your keep-fit session. Try to be patient. 
  • When beginning to work out, add bulk by introducing calorie and nutrient-rich foods along with strength training. 
  • Get help from a nutritionist near you when you notice bulk. 


Beginning a new workout schedule can be tough. Having a real motto can let you maintain the program in the long term. Make sure your beginner exercise session addresses one or multiple regions of health-associated fitness such as muscle strength, body composition, cardiovascular endurance, muscular endurance, and flexibility. Also, begin gradually, create your fitness level, and allow your body take rest timely to prevent injuries.