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Pilates Equipment – What to Choose for Home and Outdoor Activities?

pilates equipment

If you are taking Pilates classes, you probably know that different props are usually used in workouts. Same as yoga, it tests the core strength and flexibility by putting you in diverse controlled positions or poses. Within this guide, we will discuss the essential Pilates equipment list for at-home as well as outdoor activities.

Equipment Needed for Pilates at Home

Here are some best Pilates equipment for home:

Swiss Ball

Swiss ball (also called stability or exercise ball) is one of the important gym props. You can buy this piece of kit in a studio, gym, or online. Learn how to practice with it using YouTube videos. The Swiss ball is great for different movements that target the whole body.  

Isotonic Ring

An isotonic ring consists of handles that create extra resistance for muscles during exercise. It is light in weight as well as compact. So, this ring will not take much room. 

An isotonic ring makes all body muscles strong – arm, chest, gluteal, or back. Furthermore, you can use it along with other fitness gear like elastic bands. This Pilates training gear is perfect in a studio or at home.


Even after exercise, you require proper Pilates socks. They will keep your feet happy and let you perform well. Unlike regular socks, they are created with non-slip grips, which keep the skin safe. 

They also have moisture-soaking properties that make feet free of smell and sweat. You can purchase socks made of silicone or PVC online. 


Belts are another useful tool that serves as an extension for hands as well as arms. Pilates belts let you stay longer in challenging postures. They come with strong buckles that hold the strap safely at its desired length. It minimizes the risk of unwanted injuries.  

Sliding Mobility Disks

Mobility discs are versatile disks that slide smoothly on carpeted floors or hardwood floors. They are also double-sided. These lightweight discs help you lengthen, strengthen, or tone your muscles. 


Blocks are an excellent tool for Pilates training. They let you extend your reach as well as stretch the body further. They are usually created using slip-proof, high-density material. These properties make them safe for every fitness level or age group. 

Resistance Bands

Resistance bands are an ideal addition to your kit. They add resistance to working out without requiring a heavy or costly kit (like a Pilates reformer). They are effective at targeting multiple body regions. These portable bands now come in many sizes, materials, and difficulties. 

Foam Roller

Foam rollers are classic gear famous for their versatility. It is used for exercise as well as self-massage. These rollers are long, manufactured of foam, and are usually cylindrical. They are also great for people who are desk-bound because the equipment decreases signs of sore lower back or painful shoulders. 

Equipment Needed for Outdoor Pilates

Here is some best outdoor Pilates equipment list:

Fitness Mat

A high-quality fitness mat is crucial when you are working out outdoors. They give the right traction for movements. This classic training equipment is also quite effective in soaking most sweat. 

They are an ideal method to avoid grass stains. They also provide proper cushioning outside. But ensure you put a fitness mat where there is no risk of damage. 


Outdoor Pilates exposes more of your skin than usual when wearing workout clothes. Thus, another crucial thing when doing this low-intensity exercise outdoors is sunscreen. 


A wheel is another must-have when you are outside. This portable equipment supports all movements of machine Pilates. It is great if you don’t have money as well as space to buy or store machine Pilates gear. 

A wheel has easy assembly and cost-effective maintenance. But before using it, make sure you know how to practice it outside. 

Wrist or Ankle Weights

Ankle or wrist weights are a perfect addition to studio or at home equipment. They help to intensity your workout hassle-free and boost your fitness with time. These classic tools are usually designed to add weight and enhance resistance. 


Pilate workouts are advantageous to everyone. Primary advantages include muscle toning, enhanced posture, joint mobility, and balance. Most people find it a perfect addition to their regular fitness routine. Our mentioned equipment for Pilates at home and outdoors will help you progress comfortably in your workout and gain success quickly.